deadCenter University is a free two-day program for high school aged students that includes classes from industry experts on day one and making a movie with local filmmakers on day two. After completing the program, the students are given free All Access passes to enjoy all of the films and panels during the deadCenter Film Festival.

Activities at The Paramount on Film Row allow the students to take classes and have discussions with the award-winning filmmakers being featured at the festival.

Past classes include: acting and auditioning with Chris Freihofer (Breaking Bad), Wes Studi (Geronimo), and Laura Spencer (Big Bang Theory); stop-motion animation with Kyle Roberts (The Posthuman Project); cinematography with Fritz Kiersch (Children of the Corn), Jacob Burns (Electric Nostalgia), and Sam Calvin (Great Plains); and producing with Gray Frederickson (The Godfather, Part II) and Blake Pickens (The Land).

Students are fully immersed in the filmmaking process and put into crews and make their own film at  Metro Technology Center Downtown.

Applications for deadCenter University are available on our website starting February 2017. 

deadCenter happens with the help of over 400 volunteers. We'd love for you to be part of the magic.

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